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We are pleased to offer support to victims of Meta Scams and Meta Fraud.


We have been reporting scams to Meta for approximately 3.5 years (as of April 2024) and now have a database (record) of scams run on Meta platforms (Facebook) and which were reported to Meta Platforms Legal Dept in October 2023 and March 2024 (obviously by recorded delivery).


These reports prove that Meta not only run scams and profit from Sams on Meta platforms, but also that they are fully aware that they are supporting and profiting from criminal activity and that Meta is complicit in this criminal activity and are therefore liable in law fo any losses incurred or damage caused by their support of criminals and criminal activity.


We are currently creating webpages to highlight this issue and fully intend to work with people affected. So; if you have lost money to a scammer on Meta platforms (Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp and others), we can prove that Meta run scams, we can prove that Meta knows about the scams and we can prove that Meta fail to act against scams.


We believe that Meta should pay compensation to victims of Scams and Fraud run on Meta platforms.



Facebook Scams Victim Support and Compensation


Support for Victims of Facebook Scams



As of Mid April 2024, we have stopped reporting scams to Facebook and their parent company Meta. This is because we now know that they simply fail to act and the reported facility exists purely to create the illusion that Facebook are fighting against Facebook scam.

I believe that this is a lie. It is now clear that Facebook and Meta have no interest in fighting Facebook scams. They earn money from running the scams and fail to act against scammers becuae it is againt their financial interests to do so.


The solution is to either force Meta to close or to to make it unprofitable for them to continue running scams.


To this end we offer our records to Government departments and "celebrities" worldwide to be used to prove that Meta are either totally incompetant, or Meta are a suedo criminal organisation.


In either case, they should be held accountable for the scams they run and profit from and for the very real damage caused to individuals worldwide.


Our records prove that the same scams featuring the same celebrieis, the same pictures and leading to landing pages showing the same pictures etc have been reported time after time after time after time. These have been reported time after time after time after time via Metas own reporting facilities and via mail by individuals with no ties to or relationship with the celebrities attacked (we believe that every scam run by Meta which uses an image of a celebrity, is an attack on the celebrity).


The fact that the scams are still appearing proves beyond any possible doubt that Meta are complicit and therefore (in my opinion), Meta are a suedo criminal organisation in that they are knowingly promoting, enabling and profiting from criminal activity..


Indeed, Meta could have acted on our reports; they fail to do so. We offered to work with Meta against the scammers (twice by mail), but Meta never replied. Meta could use image recognition software to scan adverts or scan the Meta scam landing pages. Meta could scan text used in Meta scams. Meta could employ people to vet advertisements.


With all due respect to Meta; for Meta to be so imcompetant that they cannot filter out the vast majority of scams; beggars belief.


We therefore stand ready to work with government departments (eg; FBI) and celebrities whose image etc has been used to promote scams, to prove their case against Meta via this page (metascams) and to assist private individuals who have been scammed via Facebook Scams..


Sample list of celebrities whose images have been used in Meta Scams;


Elon Musk, Mark Zuckerberg, Jeff Bezos, Gordon Ramsey, Sir Alex Ferguson, Simon Cowell, Sir Richard Branson, Rishi Sunak, Sir Alan Sugar, Ian Wright, Martin Lewis, Peter Jones, Deborah Meaden, Robert Peston, Akshay Ruparelia, Susanna Reid, Nigel Farage, Jim Cramer, Melissa McCarthy, Garry Lineker, Sarah Galashan, Philip Schofield, Benedict Cumberbatch, Tucker Carlson, Holly Willoughby, Masahiro Nakai, Richard Hammond, Jeremy Clarkson, Piers Morgan, Taylor Swift, Alison Hammond, Zoe Ball, Sir James Dyson, King Charles 3rd, Amy Peters, Daniel Radcliffe, Alessandra Sublet, Keir Starmer, Princess of Wales, Bill Gates, Lewis Hamilton, Kay Burley.


We have records of these scams. We have reported the scams to Meta via Metas Facebook reporting tool and by mail. Meta have repeatedly failed to act.





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