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We intend to offer support to victims of Facebook Scams and Facebook Fraud. This service (Facebook victims of Scams and Fraud Compensation) is due to commence on April 8th 2024.


At the time of writing (April 2024), we have been reporting scams to Facebook for approximately 3.5 years. This has allowed us to Build a database - record of scams run on Facebook and the Facebook scams which were reported to Facebooks parent company (Meta Platforms inc). Additionally, this evidence was submitted to Meta legal dept in October 2023 and March 2024 (obviously by recorded delivery).


Our reports prove that Facebook not only run scams and profit from fraud, but they are fully aware that they are supporting and profiting from criminal activity and are therefore complicit in this activity and are therefore liable in law fo any losses incurred or damage caused by their support of criminals and criminal activity. This being the case, Facebook should pay compensation to victims of scams and fraud run on Facebook.


So; if you have lost money to a scammer on Facebook, we can prove that Facebook run scams, Facebook knows about the scams and Facebook fail to act against scams.


Our records show scams which Facebook ran and the landing pages.


In many cases, these landing pages will simply be a site run by the scammers to extort money from you with lies and false claims. In other cases, the landing page will run a program which will infect your computer, tablet or phone with a virus or other malicous software (usually in order to obtain bank account details, credit card details etc).


Since Facebook and their parent company (Meta) have been told about these scams on many, many occasions (via their own dedicated reporting facility and by mail) but simply fail to act, Facebook and Meta have failed in their duty of care and have profited from crime.


Indeed, Facebook and Meta could attack the scammers by using image recognition software, they could employ people to vet advertisements (we can prove that many scams use landing pages which are less than a month old - many were less than a week old, some were 1 or 2 days old) or Facebook and Meta could use other techniques against the scammers. At best; it could be argued that Facebook and Meta have failed in their "Due Diligence". Personally, I believe that Facebook and Meta do not care about scams because they earn money from the scams.


Surely this means that Facebook and Meta are criminal organisations and victims of Facebook Scams should receive compensation from Facebook via Meta. To this end, we plan to offer our records for use by victims of Facebook Scams to prove that Facebook runs scams, Facebook knows about Facebook scams and Facebook fails to protect people from Facebook scams.


These records prove that Facebook run the same scams time after time, after time, after time. Since these records show that the scams were reported to Facebook via the Facebook reporting tool and by mail, the records can be used to help prove that Facebook are liable to pay comensation and redress to victims of Facebook scams.



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