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Genner Communications - Genner Sales UK have been serving the UK for many years and are renowned for innovation, integrity and tenacity.

Genner Sales UK was originally formed to supply Windows computer recovery disks (with the "blessing" of Microsoft). We created the market and were world leaders for re-installation disks until Microsoft effectively withdrew permission to supply.

Since we are full Microsoft Partners and Dell Partners and our founder (Kevin Genner) is a fully qualified (Compaq certified) computer engineer, alongside recovery disks we have always operated a business offering computer repair in Shropshire. This allows us to "get our hands dirty" with multiple IT issues and to take our time creating new products and services whilst also developing new skills.

Telford Computer Repair Reviews

We no longer supply recovery disks, but still hold a vast library of the correct factory images for multiple computer brands and models. This means that we can effectively reinstall most computers with the exact software which was originally installed.

However; for the past several years we have been preparing to close the recovery disk operation by running local directory services; Dudley Business Directory, Shrewsbury Business Directory, Telford Business Directory and Walsall Business Directory.

Genner Communications e have also been laying foundation for and developing UK and USA Brand protection services.

Genner Sales UK 2017

The Genner Sales local directories now work with our (new for February 2017) UK open letters and local business reviews service (as below). UK Letters offers free online listings of letters (open letters) and local business customer reviews.

2017 will also see the official launch of our TalkExport English Human Translation website. This will eventually tie in with the Genner Communications model no later than 2018.

Open Letters and UK Business Reviews

UK Open Letters and Business Reviews

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