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Genner Sales UK - Genner Communications operates UK Anti Piracy and USA Anti Piracy. We are therefore extremely experienced. Please refer to our pages dealing with  hacked websites and hijacked websites.


The main difference between website hacking and website hijacking is;

A hijacked website will have had its identity stolen. eg; A churches website may have been hijacked so that the website is in no way related to the church and is actually used for another purpose entirely, eg; a gambling website (many such sites have been hijacked and are run by the Russian Mafia) or for the sale of counterfeit goods (usually run by Chinese criminals).

A hacked website will often appear to be genuine (eg; it may appear to be a genuine church website), but it will often be infected with Malware which attempts to either infect visitors systems or will seek to redirect the visitor to dodgy website addresses. Other hacked websites will redirect the user to a page which is in no way connected to the host site (eg; promoting counterfeit goods).

Genner Communications offers UK based Website hacking services - support and Website hijacking services - support.

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Report Hijacked Website

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