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As owners - operators of UK Anti Piracy and USA Anti Piracy, Genner Communications (Genner Sales) are highly experienced in the removal of hacked UK websites, hijacked websites and in limiting - repairing damage.

A hijacked website will have had its identity stolen;

eg; UK Anti Piracy protects the English Pool Association and Shropshire Pool Association from website hijacking.

On Saturday June 11th 2016, we discovered that a website owned by West Midlands County Pool Association ( was not related to county Pool, but rather offered fakes; about fake Nike shoes, about fake Adidas Shoes, about fake Reebok Shoes and about fake New Balance Shoes.

At that time, we had no relationship with the WMCPA but obviously appreciated the severity of the situation. We quickly discovered that the website was registered to an address in Bolton UK, but was actually based in China. The website had been hijacked by Chinese counterfeiters who were not only selling fake shoes, but who were also harvesting buyers addresses, telephone numbers, bank account details etc.

We contacted the English Pool Association (on June 11th) and on the afternoon of June 12th we were asked to resolve the issue.

On Monday June 13th 2016 (when certain offices opened for business) we spoke to our contacts in specific offices and provided data which allowed them to close the hijacked website.

Additionally we spoke to contacts in Trading Standards and the UK Fraud Police, and obtained reference numbers from both (which were passed on to the WMCPA.

The above actions not only closed the hijacked website, but we provided the WMCPA with sufficient proof that they were in no way responsible for the actions of the Chinese counterfeiters to protect them against potential law suits etc, whilst our involvement provides an additional layer of evidence and security for hijacked websites legitimate owners.

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