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As owners - operators of UK Anti Piracy and USA Anti Piracy, Genner Communications (Genner Sales) are highly experienced in the removal of hacked UK websites, hijacked UK websites and in limiting - repairing damage.

Typically; a hijacked website will have had its identity stolen whilst a hacked website will have had its protection breached and will often appear to be genuine. However, when using the website, criminals may download malware (malicious software) onto your system or may harvest private data such as address, phone number, bank account details etc.

Genner Communications can help businesses protect against website hacking by monitoring their websites


Hijacked Website Repair Service

Hijacked Website - Hacked Website Repair


Report Hijacked Website

Report Hijacked Website

Hacked Weekly Website Support


Annual cost of this service?

(Website Checked Weekly)

Only 75 per Annum 

Hacked Daily Website Support


Annual cost of this service?

(Website Checked Weekly)

Only 200 per Annum 

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