Patriot PC Windows XP Recovery CDs and Restore CDs.

Patriot PC XP Recovery Disks

Patriot PC XP Recovery CDs

Your Guarantee

We are Microsoft Partners. Our Customer Service is Second to None. We are UK based and we only employ highly experienced, qualified staff.

Our Windows Recovery products simply work, and are absolutely guaranteed to be virus free (unlike many other options). If (for any reason) you cannot resolve your problem, we can usually resolve issue over the phone or by email (personal technical support is included). Customers can even bring or send the PC or laptop to us and our qualified engineers will resolve the problem (with no charge for labour).

Working With Major Manufacturers For You

Patriot usually ship their Patriot PCs with one or more Hard Drive Recovery CDs (also known as Patriot Windows XP Recovery CDs, hard drive Recovery CDs, hard drive Restore Disks or hard drive data Restore Disks). The Patriot Laptop Recovery CDs contain the correct version and build for your computer and Patriot Laptop Drivers and Utilities.

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Windows Computer Re-installation Service

If your computer originally came with Windows pre-installed and it is not listed above, then the Re-install discs may no longer available for your particular computer.

We DO NOT advertise our complete stock. If you cannot find the correct Recovery CDs for your system, please ask about availability. We can probably help.

However; we now provide a Windows Computer Re-installation Service. We can kill any viruses, we can completely erase the hard drive and perform a full re-installation of the correct version of Windows, with the correct drivers, utilities etc.

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If the Windows Recovery Disks for your model of computer are no longer available, in most cases, we can help.


Simpy contact us via our Windows Computer Re-installation Service and send us your computer.


We will assess your computer, kill any viruses and attempt the Windows re-Installation (with the correct drivers, utilities, Microsoft registration and important updates).

If the Windows re install (Windows re Installation) is unsuccessful, we will contact you and either arrange for collection, return or disposal of the computer (there will no charge).

When the Windows re install (Windows re Installation) is successful, we will contact you to arrange Payment (approx 55) and we will pack  and return the computer.



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If your Patriot PC has been attacked by a virus, or worse still; is infected with a virus which you cannot remove, the best course of action is often to re-install Windows XP from your Patriot PC Recovery CDs or Patriot PC Restore Disks & then install quality anti virus & anti spyware programs .

If your PC is running slowly, it could be due to a virus or Viruses. The computer could also be infected with spyware, malware or adware. If this is the case; repairing the current Windows XP installation will not help because the repair process will not remove infections. Re-installing Windows XP will wipe the hard drive & so will remove - delete viruses, malware, spyware or Adware & will also remove programs & utilities which may no longer be required.

Reinstalling Windows XP almost always allows the computer to "run faster" and the user can re-install the programs that they actually want & use.

If your Patriot PC has a faulty hard disk drive (eg; if the hard drive cannot be "seen" by the computer, if it has bad sectors, bad blocks or is making a clicking or loud whirling noise), the best course of action is usually to completely replace the hard drive & restore Windows XP & the original software from your hard drive data Recovery Partition CD. This process will usually involve replacing the hard drive & then placing the Patriot Windows XP Recovery CDs in the CD ROM or DVD ROM drive & re-booting the system. The computer should then boot from the Patriot Windows XP Recovery CDs & this will then return the computer to its original state (as new).

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