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Computer hard drives can be a major bottle neck, & limit system performance. Your hard drive is where you programs and data are stored, & it is also used by the computer as an addition to normal memory.

Therefore; the bigger & faster the hard drive, the better.  However, not all hard drives are compatible with all computer systems & there are also factors which limit the type, size & speed of hard drive which can be fitted to computers.

We only supply quality hard drives which have been specifically chosen & configured to work with specific computer systems.

When we decided to begin supplying replacement HP Pavilion hard drives (HP Pavilion HDDs) & hard drive for HP desktop computers, we also decided that it would be in the interests of our customers to provide manuals & full technical support.

For this reason, every replacement hard drive for a HP desktop computer, & every hard drive upgrade for an HP desktop computer is supplied with free technical support, a video CD which shows how to replace components & a technical manual.

Additionally; we are pleased to be able to offer a choice of a HP Pavilion hard drive with recovery CDs, or a HP Pavilion Hard drive with a new, full legitimate version of Windows XP & the programs which were originally installed on the computer, pre-installed on the new hard drive, together with the HP Pavilion recovery CDs.

Pre-installed HP Pavilion hard drives will have the diagnostics partition already created & configured. This partition is also created by the recovery CDs.

To install Windows XP from the recovery CDs, simply place CD 1 in the CD or DVD drive & reboot the computer. The computer will then boot from the CD ROM, it will create the diagnostics partition on the new HP Pavilion hard drive & will then reinstall Windows XP. This process often takes in excess of 1hr & simply requires you to make the appropriate selections during the re-installation process. When complete

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 Fitting HP Pavilion Hard Drives

Our HP Pavilion desktop computer hard drives & HP Pavilion tower computer hard drives now come with a free "How to build a PC" video CD. this CD uses video to demonstrate how to fit components such as the hard drive, DVD ROM & memory.  

Additionally; our HP Pavilion desktop computer hard drives & HP Pavilion tower computer hard drives also come with a free HP Desktop Parts Replacement guide, and technical support from qualified and experienced computer engineers.  


Notes on fitting new HP Pavilion 7916 hard drives, HP Pavilion 7925 hard drives, HP Pavilion 7931 hard drives, HP Pavilion 7945 hard drives, HP Pavilion 7946 hard drives, HP Pavilion 7955 hard drives, HP Pavilion 7965 hard drives & HP Pavilion 7975 hard drives.

The above computers were fitted with thumb screws for removing one side of the computer case. Simply undo the screws (at the rear of the HP Pavilion) & slide the case side backwards to remove it.

The hard drive is usually located in a metal enclosure which also houses the floppy disk drive. The floppy drive is connected to a floppy drive cable & floppy drive power connector, whilst the Pavilion hard drive is connected to a hard drive cable & a hard drive power connector. These cables & power connectors are not interchangeable & cannot be fitted incorrectly.

Simply disconnect the floppy drive cable & floppy drive power connector from the floppy drive & then disconnect the hard drive cable & hard drive power connector from the Pavilion hard  drive.

Looking at where the Pavilion hard drive cage is fitted to the case, you will note a silver metal lever. To remove the Pavilion hard drive cage from the case, press in the lever & slide the cage upward (the rear of the cage rotates via a locating slot toward the front of the computer until it becomes free).

Remove the Pavilion hard drive cage from the case.

On HP Pavilion computers, the hard drive is usually attached to the cage by 3x Philips screws.

To replace the original hard drive, simply remove the screws, slide the original Pavilion hard drive out of the cage & replace it with the new hard drive.

Replace the 3x hard drive cage screws, slot the cage back into the locating slot and rotate the cage back towards the rear of the computer; but do not lock it into place. Replace the cables (being careful not to bens any pins) & then lock the cage into place.

Replace the case & restart the computer. The HP Pavilion will automatically detect the new hard drive & a message will appear Stating that the boot device has changed. This is an initial report & you can safely save the changes (the message will tell you which key to press).

If you have purchased a blank HP Pavilion hard drive, you will need to place CD 1 of your HP Pavilion Recovery CDs in the CD drive and then reboot. the Hp Pavilion will then begin installing Windows XP from your HP Pavilion Recovery CDs, & will ask you for each CD in turn, until the full recovery process is complete.

If you have purchased a HP Pavilion hard drive with Windows XP already installed, the computer will simply load Windows XP (Windows XP may initially report that it has found new hardware).

Note; All of our hard drives are new, Our HP Pavilion hard drives which are supplied with the HP version of Windows XP pre-installed are new hard drive which come with the special diagnostics partition & software also pre-installed (but on a larger & faster hard drive.

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