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Laptop - notebook computer hard drive storage capacity & performance can be a major bottle neck, & can limit system performance in any computer. Your eMachines laptop hard drive is where you programs and data are stored, & it is also used by the laptop as a type of additional memory (data can be written to & retrieved from the laptop hard drive in the same way as conventional memory).

Therefore; the bigger & faster the hard drive, the better.  However, not all laptop hard drives are compatible with all computer systems & not all types, sizes or brands of hard drive which can be fitted to all laptops - notebooks (not all laptops - notebooks can use all types or all sizes of laptop hard drive).

Our eMachines laptop hard drives have been specifically chosen for performance & reliability & have been tested in eMachines laptop - notebook computers.

Every eMachines laptop hard drive is supplied with a free "How to build a PC" video CD, which shows how to fit components such as the hard drive, DVD ROM & memory to desktop systems. In truth, this is of little use when dealing with a laptop, but our eMachines laptop hard drives are also supplied with technical support from qualified & experienced computer engineers.


If you have a faulty eMachines laptop - notebook hard drive (eg; if the hard disk drive cannot be "seen" by the computer, if the eMachines laptop hard drive has bad sectors, if your eMachines laptop hard drive has bad blocks, or if your eMachines laptop hard drive is making a clicking noise or a loud whirling noise), the best course of action is usually to completely replace the hard drive & restore the original software from your hard drive data recovery CD.

This process will usually involve replacing the eMachines laptop hard drive & then placing the eMachines recovery CDs in the CD ROM or DVD ROM drive & re-booting the system. The computer should then boot from the eMachines Recovery CDs & this will then return the computer to its original state (as new).

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Computer performance is directly affected by the amount of available memory. Basically; a lack of memory will definitely slow your computer system and the more memory, the better. Crucial Memory manufacture and supply computer memory and offer a comprehensive range of high-quality, award-winning memory products.

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