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Genner Sales UK is part of Genner Communications. Genner Sales UK founded and originally developed the Windows Computer Recovery CD, Restore Disk, Reinstall Disc and Recovery CD Download Service.

This service is now being phased out as we concentrate on anti piracy issues with multiple business partners (we own a number of Anti Piracy services) and we provide members of the public with services for photo copyright protection, submitting a story to UK news media, selling a story to UK news media, selling a photo to UK news media, selling a video to UK news media and a secure whistleblowing service

Our founder is a fully qualified (Compaq Certified) Computer engineer (with over 30 years experience) who has developed and installed specialist computer systems nationwide for numerous clients (including multiple systems for the Ministry Of Defense). He also travelled the UK resolving computer problems for a number of clients (including major UK computer retailers and major UK insurance companies).

He realised that many people had lost, damaged or had failed to create their Windows Computer Recovery CDs or Windows Computer Restore disks and so he began building a vast library. He contacted the major computer manufacturers worldwide and reached various agreements with them. He contacted Microsoft, explained that he wanted to be able to supply these products and became a full Microsoft Partner. He then commenced trading as Genner Sales - Genner Communications (supplying Windows Computer Restore Disks and Windows Computer Recovery disks via mail and download and Windows Computer Reinstall disks via mail and download).

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